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small tree of the eastern Mediterranean having abundant purplish-red flowers growing on old wood directly from stems and appearing before the leaves: widely cultivated in mild regions

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The infestation rate of Cercis siliquastrum seeds by B.
Phylogenetic relationships of a new species of seed beetle infesting Cercis siliquastrum L.
Aproximacion a la biologia de Bruchidius siliquastri Delobel, 2007 (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) en Cercis siliquastrum L.
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In a pilot screen using extracts from Mediterranean plants, we found strong inhibition of the IspC protein from Escherichia coli in leaf extracts of Cercis siliquastrum.
These tolerate a limey soil well: Aesculus Cercis siliquastrum Malus, Prunus sargentii Pyrus, Sorbus aria Aucuba japonica Buddleia davidii Cistus Choisya ternata Forsythia Hebe Lonicera Philadelphus Potentilla Syringa Viburnum
A tree that is not planted enough in Britain but that forms a dome head is Cercis siliquastrum, the Judas Tree.
BCreate a dazzling summer show in containers and beds by choosing plants with colours from extreme ends of the spectrum ONE of the most arresting sights in the garden at Glebe Cottage at this time of year is a Judas tree, cercis siliquastrum.