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BUMI, Bursera hindsiana; BUMI, Bursera microphylla; OLTE, Olneva tesota; CEMI, Cercidium microphyllum; PAPR, Pachycereus pringlei.
greggii and Cercidium floridum host trees (Kuijt 1969; Ehleringer and Schulze 1985; Lei 2000a).
Herbivore-limited establishment of a Sonoran Desert tree: Cercidium microphyllum.
deltoidea, triangle-leaf bursage) and Encelia farinosa (brittlebush), with scattered Cercidium microphyllum (follows nomenclature of Hickman, 1993).
At each sampled point, the closest Olneya and Cercidium within a 100-m distance in each of four cardinal quadrants were evaluated for a total of eight individuals/point (i.
8%) Olneya and Cercidium that were evaluated had some live vegetation 1 year after fires, and some of those may die later.
Cercidium microphyllum is known to be fire-sensitive with only some minor resprouting (Loftin, 1987; Cave, 1982; Cave and Patten, 1984).
Went (1953) mentioned one of the simplest and most effective strategies of TABULAR DATA OMITTED germination at the proper time and place in trees and shrubs inhabiting wadi beds of the Mojave and Colorado Deserts of North America, such as Dalea spinosa Gray, Olneya tesota Gray, and Cercidium aculeatum (Leguminoseae).
other common shrubs in the area included Larrea tridentata (creosotebush), Cercidium microphyllum (yellow paloverde), Olneya tesota (ironwood), and Prosopis glandulosa (honey mesquite).