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Por otro lado, Neohipparion eurystyle se acomoda junto con los pacedores actuales Ceratotherium simum (rinoceronte blanco), Damaliscus lunatus (topi), Equus burchelli (cebra de Burchell) y Equus grevyi (cebra de Grevy).
The white rhino's scientific name, Ceratotherium simum simum, tells us that this animal is a flat-nosed (simum), horned (ceros) beast (therio).
The southern white or square-lipped rhino, Ceratotherium simum, an endangered species from at least the late nineteenth century, has been afforded respect, even reverence, and care by Zululand's colonial and postcolonial authorities--specifically by individual men working for these authorities--over a period of a hundred years.
Considering coincidence of generic distributions with only Marburg hemorrhagic fever occurrences (Table 2), an initial list included 63 genera; 22 of these were omitted because their species had a large body size or were primates (Perodicticus, Galago, Gorilla, Leptailurus, Atilax, Dologale, Mungos, Crocuta, Lutra, Civettictis, Ceratotherium, Owcteropus, Pommochoerus, Litocranius, Taurotragus, Tragelaphus, Cephalophus, Sylvicapra, Oryx, Kobus, Redunca, Manis).
Key words: Ceratotherium simum, Commiphora marlothii, scent marking, sign-posting, tree rubbing, white rhinos, zoopharmacognosy