Queensland lungfish

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an endangered species of lungfish found in rivers in Queensland

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Holotype: UTA-AASLOO6 A medium sized (<30 mm length) ceratodontid upper right tooth plate with attached entopterygoid, Paratype and referred prearticluar tooth plates range from 18 mm to 33 mm long (CI-Cp), and 8 mm to 16 mm in width, internal angles (<ABC) range from 94-118 degrees with five crests on the upper plate and four crests on the lower plates radiating from this internal angle (Table 1).
Early to middle Cretaceous eustatic fluctuations, could have isolated the Texas ceratodontid faunas on the southeastern coast of the epicontinental seaway, producing a primitive endemic fauna.
Previous reports of North American ceratodontids suggest that crushing-toothed lungfishes dominated Cretaceous Interior Seaway coastal systems.
The size of the upper tooth plate is relatively small compared to other North American ceratodontids, smaller than C.
guentheri, but relatively small compared to the ceratodontids C.