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an artifact made of hard brittle material produced from nonmetallic minerals by firing at high temperatures

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With almost 6,400 employees, Saint-Gobain's Ceramic Materials business has a powerful manufacturing base that includes 66 plants in 18 countries.
The object is a device for measuring the fundamental functional characteristics and parameters of the piezoelectric ceramic materials with ferroelectric and pyroelectric properties of these measurements with the potential to expand the area multiferoickE'ch materials.
Int'l Symposium on Ceramic Materials for Energy & Environmental Applications (9th: 2008: Shanghai, China) Ed.
As a pioneer in the field of technical ceramics, CeramTec produces over 10,000 different products made of highly specialized ceramic materials with unique mechanical, electrical, thermal, and biochemical properties for advanced applications.
Ceramic materials are required for electrical isolation, high temperature, corrosion or wear applications.
The use of chemical approaches to improve the processing, properties and performance of advanced ceramic materials is a rapidly growing area of research and development.
Universal Ceramic Materials is cutting 142 jobs with the closure of two UK operations.
Ceramic heater rolls use a second type of advanced resistance heating, consisting of a variety of ceramic materials applied by thermal spray to the outer surface of the roll core.
It then compares the measured hardness of the ceramic materials with that of a carbide and draws the conclusion that the higher hardness of ceramic material means superior wear resistance.
There is increasing interest in the application of advanced ceramic materials in diverse areas such as transportation, energy, environmental protection and remediation, communications, health, and aerospace.
Analysis of ceramic material properties such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and light weight or low density composition Information pertaining to end-use applications of advanced ceramic materials such as power generation, aerospace, transportation, and military applications.
Six Swiss dental professionals present a summarization of the state- of-the-art ceramic materials used in modern cosmetic dentistry.
It's easily machined with an ordinary drill or saw, and it won't shatter at temperatures far beyond those that would destroy other ceramic materials.
Using ceramic materials and binders nearly identical to those used by investment casting foundries, this technique can directly fabricate a ceramic shell with integral cores.