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(Greek mythology) king of Ethiopia and husband of Cassiopeia

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Cepheus has been created for fun, but the scientists who made it are aware that the machine could be used in real world situations that have opponents with their own motives, and where one party doesn't know what the other party will do, such as in real world negotiation, cybersecurity and medical applications.
The Cepheus study conducted in the Gulf countries brings new information about the current management of high cholesterol in this region.
By coming up with an optimal set of probabilities for each possible scenario in a hand, the researchers ensured that Cepheus would never lose money in the long run.
A study called CEPHEUS conducted by AstraZeneca Gulf in partnership with Emirates Cardiac Society is the first of its kind in the Gulf looking at cholesterol management in 5,000 patients, 10 per cent of whom are Emiratis.
Indeed, seeing Cepheus, Draco, Camelopardis and Ursa Minor was quite strange.
They are the Great Bear (Ursa Major) which includes the Big Dipper, the Little Bear (Ursa Minor), also known as the Little Dipper, Draco the Dragon, Cepheus the King and Cassiopeia the Queen.
Comet Machholz reaches its most northerly point on 10th and should be passing through the constellations of Cepheus, Camelopardalis and Draco early in the month.
Other support comes from Domes of Silence and promising young locals, Cepheus.
The Bargoed singing sensation's devoted fans have had part of the Cepheus constellation named after him.
The Elephant's Trunk Nebula in the constellation Cepheus was wary of revealing its true nature until Spitzer cast its eye in that direction.
Many constellations are circumpolar such as Cassiopeia and Cepheus but the best known is Ursa Major,better known as the Plough or the Great Bear.
Gosnell and colleagues used the Hubble telescope to study ultraviolet light coming from blue stragglers in NGC 188, a 7-billion-year-old cluster of stars 5,800 light-years away in the constellation Cepheus.
Cassiopeia is on the meridian and close to the zenith with Cepheus to her west and Camelopardalis to her east.
The house-shaped star group, Cepheus, has moved right into the middle of the sky by midnight, forecasting Early Fall.
Results from the Gulf-wide Cepheus study, to be revealed later this year, will provide local data on the status of cholesterol control.