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6 Larvas MOLLUSCA: Naticidae Cephalopoda Gasteropoda Loligo gahi 0.
Primary types in the collection of molluscs in the KwaZulu-Natal Museum: Scaphopoda and Cephalopoda.
Reports on the Cephalopoda (expedition to the west coast of central America to the Galapagos, to the west coast of Mexico, and in the Gulf of California, in charge of Alexander Agassiz, carried on by the U.
But what is even more impressive is the high quality of the crustacea, cephalopoda and finfish harvested from the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean.
Gasteropoda and Cephalopoda of the Raritan Clays and Greensand Marls of New Jersey.
They are members of the Mollusca order (like snails and slugs) and the class Cephalopoda which means "head-foots.
A multi-gene phylogeny of cephalopoda supports convergent morphological evolution in association with multiple habitat shifs in the marine environment.
Recent studies on spawning, embryonic development, and hatching in the cephalopoda.
N Range Mean (s) Cephalopoda Order: Teuthida Family: Cranchiidae Taonius borealis (a) 24 12 3.
The type material of Cephalopoda deposited in the KwaZulu-Natal Museum apparently has been "rediscovered" here.
hubbsorum Indice de Presencia Categoria de la presa (IO) % Crustacea 69 Porcellanidae Petrolisthes 42 Majidae Herbstia campatacantha 16 Stomathopoda Gonodactylus stanschi 11 Mollusca 30 Cephalopoda Argonauta pacifica 16 O.
Stoliczka, The Fossil Cephalopoda of the Cretaceous Rocks of Southern India.
Se identificaron 229 especies correspondientes a 11 Filos: Annelida (Polychaeta), Arthropoda (Pycnogonida, Malacostraca, Ostracoda), Bryozoa, Chordata (Ascidiacea), Cnidaria (Anthozoa, Hydrozoa), Echinodermata (Echinoidea, Ophiuroidea, Holothuroidea, Asteroidea), Mollusca (Gastropoda, Bivalvia, Polyplacophora, Cephalopoda, Scaphopoda), Nemertea (Anopla, Enopla), Platyhelminthes, Porifera y Sipuncula, todos son grupos representativos de comunidades bentonicas costeras (Tabla 1, Apendice I).