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one of a pair of small cylindrical cell organelles near the nucleus in animal cells

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Utilizing predictions from the SAS-6 ring model, we will assay the consequences for centrioles and cilia of altering the diameter and symmetry of the structure.
Although superficially similar to the centrosomes of algal and animal cells, POs are not permanent cell organelles and they do not contain centrioles.
elegans oocytes lack centrioles and astral microtubules.
Centrin-2 is required for centriole duplication in mammalian cells.
Centrioles have been traced in all stages of pre-implantation embryogenesis and also in embryonic stem cells and the sperm centriole is undoubtedly the precursor of centrioles in all foetal and adult somatic cells (2,6).
The differences in the shape of spermatozoa, the number of mitochondria, the arrangement of centrioles, as well as the occurrence of lateral flagellar ribbons among teleost species may have consequences in the swimming behavior with respect to sperm velocity, swimming types, and the head detachment (Lahnsteiner and Patzner, 1995).
coordinated transport of chromosomes to the centrioles during mitosis); between adjacent cells (e.
Previous research suggested that NC associate closely with centrioles and only exist during early interphase, which is identified by the presence of a midbody during cytokinesis between daughter cells.
Wells' hypothesis -- if confirmed by experiments -- would explain how centrioles function in normal cell division and malfunction in cancer.
gigas, encountered binucleated granular amebocytes and amebocytes with centrioles "fairly frequently" (p.
We have proposed physicochemical mechanisms based upon electrostatics which explain and unify the basic motions during mitosis and cytokinesis: (1) centrioles to poles, (2) chromosomes to metaphase "plate", (3) alignment of chromosomes, (4) anaphase A motion of chromosomes, (5) rounding up of cells, (6) cell elongation, and (7) furrowing.