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Synonyms for centrifuge

an apparatus that uses centrifugal force to separate particles from a suspension

rotate at very high speed in order to separate the liquids from the solids


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The liquid metal together with the slag are transported using a rolling carriage to the centrifugal machine positioned 5 m from the furnace, and they are poured into the rotating mould of the centrifugal machine.
All these parts were fixed on faceplate 4 of the centrifugal machine.
Repair of Boiler Chimney, Centrifugation of Lub Oil,Spare for Centrifugal Machine,, Vapour Steam Heated transient heater
Tenders are invited for supply of various non sophisticated medical equipments for Biochemistry department-,Colorimeters,Refrigerated Centrifugal machine,Ultra-Centrifuge,Water purification System
Various Spare of Centrifugal Machine KC 1100T30, Stackers Conveyor Material.
Centrifugal M/S Spare KB 1250,Various Spare of Centrifugal Machine KC 1100T30,Stacker & Conveyor Material,Boiler Gauge Glass,Grinder Screen.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Pump Spares 2 Mill Spares 3 Rubber Goods 4 Trash and scraper Plates 5 Welding Rod 6 Pipe And Pipe Fittings 7 Iron and Steel 8 Valves 9 Couplings 10) Brass Tubes 11 Cotton Waste 12 Ball Bearings 13) Centrifugal Machine Spares 14 Compressor & Spares 15 Hardware & Mislenious Material 16 Mechanical Seals 17 Chain And Chain Spare 18 Safety Material 19 Silo Spares 20 V Belt 21 Work Shop Tools 22) Hoisting Material 23 Welding Material 24 Gauge Glass 25 Packing and Jointing 26 Nut & Bolts 27 Electrical Item A) L & T Spares B) Siemens Spears C) Lighting & General electrical 28 Cane cut knives 29 Cleaning Material 30 Stacker and Conveyer Belt Spares 31 S.
Heavy Duty Motors 22) Refectory Material 23) Berger make paints 24) Al I types Valve 25) Packing & Jointing 26) Centrifugal Machine spares 27) Stacker & Conveyor spares 28) Rubber Goods 29) U clamp & Trash Bolt 30) MS, HT Nut Bolts 31) Transmission chain 32) SS Material 33) EPDM O ring & Gasket 34) Tyco & Acrow weighing Machine Spares 35) Special Welding rods 36) Brass liner & SS wire-netting 37) Nickel Screens 38) JMD Products 39) Gas Cylinder supply 40) Workshop tools 41) Bearing & V Belt 42) Mechanical seals 43) Molykote Grease & Bearing Gel 44) Polymer Runner 45) Steel Wire-rope 46) Oil & Lubricants 47) Air Conditioner Duct Type 48) IBR quality Pipes