centrifugal force

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the outward force on a body moving in a curved path around another body

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At University of California, Davis model piles in clay were tested in a flexible shear beam (FSB) container at a centrifugal acceleration of 30g to evaluate a dynamic beam on a nonlinear Winkler foundation (BNWF) analysis method (Boulanger et al.
We just rode a ride called Atom Smasher, which had to do with centrifugal acceleration,'' said Annie Chang, 16, a junior at Burbank High School.
Variation of the rotation speed from 300rpm up to 3000rpm corresponds to a relative centrifugal acceleration from l2xg - l200xg.
35 meters per square second of the centrifugal acceleration felt by passengers.
For large diameter cyclones, the head provided should be more, to give enough centrifugal acceleration.