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a line that bisects a plane figure


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Queensland Minister for Main Roads and Road Safety Mark Bailey said the benefits of wide centre line treatments have been experienced across the state.
That length of the M77/A77 Glasgow - Stranraer Trunk Road at Maybole, from a point 160 metres or thereby east of its junction with the extended centre line of Crossraguel View, to a point 6 metres or thereby south west of its junction with the extended east kerb line of Welltrees Street, a distance of 589 metres or thereby.
He told the official news agency SUNA that South Sudan refuses to determine the baseline for the demilitarised security zone (centre line) between the two countries, saying that implementation of the other agreements depends on drawing the centre line.
For Balsall Common, while the centre line of the revised southbound departure route will move closer to the western edge of the village, aircraft following this route will not fly over the village.
Prosecutor Steve Harmes said: 'Police saw him at midnight on May 20, driving erratically and swerving across the centre line.
Last eight in the Boylesports Derby, with prices: Beyond Flashy 14, Tynwald Smokey2, Boavista 2, Sonnydontgoaway 12, Centre Line 12, Rio Rooney 6-4, Ardea Prince 40 and Yes Jimmy Ha 4.
Jenkins and Robertson clinched game two 13-11, only for Huang to query the serve which he claims was wide of the centre line but was not called by the umpire.
In-flight hose and drogue refueling system (including the centre line hose drum unit, wing aerial refueling pod with RAM Air Turbine, wing pylon and associated computing)
Tenders are invited for Marking of Centre line, edge line, segregation line and Zebra Crossing on Roads with Thermoplastic paint in Sector 1- 11, Chandigarh.
Fold down both corners to the centre line, (picture 1).
The centre line routing has now been established, and final selection has considered factors to avoid population density, influence on irrigated areas, rare and endangered species, lakes and wetlands.
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