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In this pattern the center of Iran is in the expansion of high pressure pattern with the epicenter 1016 millibars and distance between Caspian Sea central parts to the east of Turkey is in scope of low pressure system of 1008 millibars in which this state lets it move and it causes spreading of Iran central pressure to north of the country as well as air sustainability and lack of ascending currents on the earth surface which has been demonstrated in figure 3 (amount of pollution related to this pattern for 5 November 2006).
Using the liquid model, the pressure inside stars can be calculated as a function of radius, including the central pressure.
The typhoon's minimum central pressure has been measured at 960 hectopascals.
If a core finds itself further north, the central pressure is usually lower, but as its movement reverts to the 40[degrees]S or so range, isobars ascend the 1030hPa and higher levels.
Elevated central pressure, even in subjects with normal brachial blood pressure, is associated with increased cardiovascular risk.
Central pressure points are obtained and monitored during the roll of the plantar on the walkway.
Central blood pressure holds greater prognostic value than conventional brachial blood pressure as central pressure more aptly reflects the load encountered by the heart.
Explosive cyclogenesis is defined as when the central pressure of a low falls by more than 24mb in 24 hours.
The central pressure of the storm is around 945 millibars," he said.
Central pressure in this storm could fall as low as 930mb to the west of Ireland by Monday morning which is not far from the all-time UK record of 925.
and the minimum central pressure was the third lowest on record (920 mb).
An intense pressure gradient developed as a result of the storm's rapidly falling central pressure.
As central pressure falls, the difference in air pressure between the cyclone and the external environment increases, powering the storm.
Women on ERT performed more oscillations of central pressure while standing on the foam block than did the women who weren't taking estrogen.
The RMS model uses a 'basin-wide' hurricane track set, to delineate the lifetime track and central pressure of each simulated hurricane, which allows for the detailed capture of storm behavior for hurricanes making multiple landfalls as well as hurricanes that graze the coast.
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