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a heating system in which air or water is heated at a central furnace and sent through the building via vents or pipes and radiators

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But changing an outdated central heating system or boiler sounds costly – however you could be one of the thousands of people eligible for a free or subsidised upgrade.
But sludge build up, from limescale and corrosion deposits, can be easily avoided by ensuring the central heating system is properly cleaned and maintained using the correct chemical treatments.
At the same time, the DOE also estimates that most central heating systems are oversized by at least 20% or more.
For advice on using the controls for your central heating system most efficiently, watch the videos at www.
Working with a range of charities to raise the funds needed, npower was able to install a new central heating system.
A RETIRED railway engineer has spent three years building a replica of the Forth Bridge - from his old central heating system.
If your home is on a mains gas supply and you have a gas-fired central heating system, it will be worth your while to learn a few basic fixes for any faults with the heating that may occur.
Should I get the central heating system checked out?
My central heating system, new two years ago, makes ticking and tapping noises when first starting up.
THIS well-presented, extended, semi-detached property has full double glazing apa| from one single glazed window to the ground floor cloakroom, and a gas central heating system.
If the central heating system is a sealed system, check the pressure and, if necessary, top up the pressure.
Residences, offices and institutions in most of Sofia are heated using a central heating system.
According to a recent survey by Yellow Pages consumers in Northern Ireland appear more prudent when choosing a pounds 200 television than when installing a pounds 2,000 central heating system.
Water seeping through the floor from a faulty central heating system.
IMPROVING your home's central heating system is a big investment, so do your research and get it right first time Most important of all is to remember it's against the law for anyone other than a Gas Safe Register heating engineer to fit or work on a gas boiler (for oil-fired boilers, it's OFTEC - www.
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