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a government monetary authority that issues currency and regulates the supply of credit and holds the reserves of other banks and sells new issues of securities for the government

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1988) "Financial Deregulation, Monetary Policy, and Central Banking.
McCoy said, "We are pleased with the confidence shown by the Central Banking Group shareholders.
From its very first days, the BIS has acted as an agent for the central banking community in providing short-term emergency support, helping to address financial crises threatening the stability of the international financial system as a whole," says the bank in its official history.
Terms of the agreement call for Central Banking Group shareholders to receive shares of Banc One stock with a market value of $27 for each Central Banking Group share, if Banc One stock is trading between $52 and $60 per share.
The central banking community has been monitoring existing and proposed arrangements out of concern that the netting arrangements should in fact reduce risks and not just disguise them.
NASDAQ-OTC BB:RCOMD) announced today that it had signed a letter of intent with KorAm Bank and Central Banking Corp.
Two themes of the Central Banking Seminar are directly relevant to consideration of payment system issues.
The accession countries need to amend their central banking laws and statutes in order to incorporate price stability as the primary objective and to guarantee central bank independence.
The Fed and the Government Accounting Office are looking at where the central banking system succeeded and where it could have performed better.
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