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a branch of the Tai languages


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I could not place her Central Thai accent, which was unlike that of the first vendor.
14) Defining and even measuring Thainess (khwampenthai) has been the central preoccupation of Thai Studies in Siam, so that it has been complicit in this prioritisation of central Thai aristocratic culture over other Siamese cultures.
Piker wrote directly about the "inconsistency" of Thai religious beliefs and practices using sociological and social-psychological research in Central Thai rural villages (field work carried out between 1962 and 1968).
We were unsure of where Central Thai was located in the centre so ventured inside only to find neither the restaurant nor a listing for it on the shopping directory.
The language of the central Thai population is the language taught in schools and used in government.
The central Thai wares include a wide range of shapes, glaze types and decorative styles, and sizes that extend from large guardian figures over a metre tall to miniatures a few centimetres high.
The disgraced 22-year-old handed back the prize money through a friend five days after the annual Loy Krathong festival beauty pageant in the central Thai province of Ratchaburi.
Diller, Anthony (1991) `What makes Central Thai a National
Like many recent observers, Mitchell criticizes the Central Thai and nationalist/royalist bias of much Thai scholarship on both history and popular culture.
Once she was possessed and we started to converse, I was immediately struck by her attempt to speak central Thai rather than the Lao language that one would expect a Lao to converse in.
Central Thai is a welcome addition to Durham's eating out venues.
custody at a secret location since Thai authorities apprehended him and his wife at a rental apartment in the central Thai city of Ayutthaya on Aug.
Government performed several functions: they provided the basis for a rapid increase in industrialization and economic development; they were strategically important in making Thailand an effective American base to resist Indochinese communism; they helped the central Thai state to penetrate and control more effect ively "peripheral" regions of suspect loyalty (especially the northeast and Muslim parts of the south) and they offered sections of the Thai elite, especially military commanders working in close collaboration with mainly Sino-Thai businessmen, the opportunity to enrich themselves through lucrative construction contracts and commissions.
Because of the Tay Son, Vietnam was out of the picture for decades; the central Thai court was Chou Anou's chief antagonist.
152) on the grounds of the absurd 120-metres-tall observation tower that former prime minister Banhan Sinlapa-acha had between 1994 and 1997 employed government funds to construct in the Central Thai provincial centre of Suphanburi.
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