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The contract is for the design, construction, implementation and warranty of the Central Processing System Balancing Market (Csorba) in PGE Distribution SA
The technological innovations for the project were coordinated from Cubic headquarters in San Diego where the company s vice president for strategic initiatives, David deKozan said, Our new system allows retailers to link their own in-store point-of-sale equipment with the Cubic central processing system.
The WAM system is comprised of numerous sensors deployed throughout the country and a central processing system that provides data directly to Eurocontrol s Air Traffic Management Surveillance Tracker and Server (ARTAS) where ARTAS correlates WAM data with data from existing radars for a fused output.
h upgrading the central processing system of cmh for the collection, processing, storage, quality control and management of meteorological information of the national network of meteorological stations emy.
The network enables financial institutions to exchange check images peer-to-peer without a cumbersome central processing system, thus eliminating the expense of transporting physical checks.
Daon provides the biometric management system - which is the heart of the central processing system at the Lockheed secure data facility located in Orlando.
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