Central Dravidian

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a Dravidian language spoken primarily in central India

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But two genetic subgroups overlap: South Dravidian II (Telugu, Gondi, Konda, Kui, Kuvi, Pengo, Manda) and Central Dravidian (Kolami, Naiki, Parji, Ollari, Gadaba).
I proposed originally that Central Dravidian (Krishnamurti 1961, [section]4.
Subrahmanyam took Emeneau's work on North Dravidian (1962), his own work on Central Dravidian (1969), and both his (1968) and Emeneau's work (1967) on South Dravidian to create an explicit statement of Proto-Dravidian subgrouping, delineating the changes step by step (1971: 505-31).
Disagreements exist in how the three groups are related to each other (Subrahmanyam's Central Dravidian consists of groups 2 and 3).
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