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In the second section, "Forever Menchu," Arias addresses the controversy surrounding one of the most famous of such globalized Central American texts, Rigoberta Menchu's I, Rigoberta Menchu, and argues that different ways of reading testimonio in the United States and Latin America are at the heart of the controversy itself.
The Central American bank focuses mainly on the credit-card business in the region; it also runs an insurance company and has other assets.
The European Union and Central American states reached an agreement on Tuesday to liberalise trade and cut import tariffs, giving total market access to industrial products on both sides.
Because, Cortez says, "the literature available in English for teaching courses is limited, and the issues that pertain to the Central American experience are not the same that affect other communities.
In early 2005, the Bush administration put enormous pressure on Congress to approve the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).
This group, along with the Central American Indigenous Council and Central American Commission for Environment and Development (CCAD), will implement the program.
As the Atlanta Journal Constitution noted, "Free trade supporters cheered the Central American trade pact's passage .
and five Central American nations will benefit both regions by encouraging multilateral trade and forging new commitments on labor rights, providing the participating nations with a firm base on which to build stronger economies.
WASHINGTON-As the regional trade talks between the United States and five Central American come down to the wire, apparel and textiles issues are heating up.
Another significant step occurred on February 19, 2003 when the Central American foreign ministers ratified a model format for providing each other with information about the composition, armaments, and equipment of their military and police forces.
Over the past year, trade among Central American nations rose at an annual rate of 11 percent.
It is my opinion that Central American literature and culture will occupy an increasingly important place in the United States academy in the coming years.
Only one year after Central American coffee organizations started talks about an ambitious unification project between the coffee industries of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, their 12 months of active debate are already yielding results.
State Department's Office of Central American Affairs.
In 1988 its Costa Rica campus was the site of a "summit" meeting of the heads of states of the five Central American countries.
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