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The challenge of future US humanitarian missions in Central America will be to anticipate and care for persons affected by mal de Mayo.
There are clear and present dangers to national security, sovereignty, and public safety in Central America.
In efforts to thwart whatever communist threat lived in Central America or in the minds of U.
The Department of Defense has created a massive public-relations machine to persuade these skeptics that humanitarian projects in Central America are the greatest thing since the Peace Corps.
Yet the ridge appears unwilling to plunge underneath central America, Dewey says.
The balmy highland climate of Central America is hospitable to people, livestock, and farm crops.
It may be low intensity from the Pentagon's point of view; in Central America it seems awfully high intensity.
The profiles of major companies operating in the oil and chemicals storage industry in South and Central America are included in the report.
Now free trade is heading farther south, into the chain of relatively tiny economies that make up Central America and across the Caribbean to include the Dominican Republic.
SANTA CLARITA - The popular Spanish Language Institute at College of the Canyons will hold a one-week course on campus in July, and then students can take a study trip to Central America.
North America includes Greenland, the world's largest island, the seven small countries of Central America, and the many island countries of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.
After nearly two decades of war-making by proxy in Central America, the United States is letting an opportunity to help construct a comprehensive and sustainable peace in the region slip into historical oblivion.
That's better than Markey's other PAC, the National Committee for Peace in Central America, which has given only 2.
consumers, and their pets eat 25 percent of all beef produced in Central America, Nations believes that they can and should take some of the responsibility for the continuing deforestation there.
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