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a conspicuous constellation in the southern hemisphere near the Southern Cross

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The Movenpick Hotel Centaurus Islamabad, part of the Centaurus development located in the commercial and business hub of Islamabad, taps into the growth and development of the country's thriving capital city," he said.
Washington, Apr 5 ( ANI ): Observations from two of European Space Agency's space telescopes have been combined to create a multi-wavelength view of violent events taking place within the giant galaxy Centaurus A.
Subject to Centaurus shareholder approval, Atlas will subscribe for a further 102 million Centaurus shares on the same terms and conditions as Tranche 1 (Tranche 2)
Centaurus Financial[R] has enjoyed consistent growth in both revenue and the number of registered representatives affiliated with the firm for most of its 19 year history.
According to Deputy Prime Minister of Mauritius, the Pak Gulf Construction should develop more projects like The Centaurus to create more economy activity in the country.
As one of the co-founders of Centaurus Resources and having lived in Brazil, Mr Papendieck is experienced in business in Brazil.
For a limited time, Phoenix Tier members can reach Orion Tier status in just five nights, or Centaurus Tier status in 10 nights, half the number of nights typically required.
Following his gritty defeat of Unfurled and Centaurus in Saturday's Listed race, trainer Marcus Tregoning said yesterday that retirement would be an option for the Hamdan Al Maktoum-owned stable stalwart only if he showed a "dramatic" loss of form.
Astrophysicists in the United States, said they found the massive rock on Valentine's Day,positioned 50 light years away in the constellation Centaurus.
When the two galaxies collided, the smaller merged with giant Centaurus A - the closest to our planet.
The deterioration in National Coal's financial position has caused Centaurus Energy Master Fund, LP, the lender under the Company's short-term revolving credit facility and the holder of $30.
It was decided in the meeting that Centaurus Flyover will be completed by 10th December, 2014.
John Westdorp has been appointed as the CFO of Centaurus Metals.
Washington, June 17 (ANI): An image taken by Hubble's Wide Field Camera 3 has revealed a firestorm of star birth in the active galaxy Centaurus A.
Centaurus Metals Limited (ASX:CTM) has commenced to calculate a new JORC resource estimate and undertake beneficiation test work following a 1,000 metre in-fill diamond drilling program at its 100%-owned Itambe Iron Ore Project in south-east Brazil.