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genus of low-growing herbs mostly of northern hemisphere having flowers with protruding spirally twisted anthers

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Centaurium Non-deep MPD in Fernandez-Pascual somedanum seeds controls the et al.
Like all stomach bitters, centaurium - also known as Centaury, helps to stimulate the tastebuds, increasing the secretion of digestive enzymes that help to break down food.
A TRY a six-week course of Centaurium, 10 drops in a little water three times daily 15 minutes before meals.
Bitter herbs such as Centaurium and Yarrow will help to stimulate digestive juices which, combined with a pre-biotic supplement, should encourage good bacteria to flourish, helping digestion and reducing food reactions.
purpurea, Centaurium texense, Juniperus ashei, Marshallia caespitosa
A I SUGGEST you take Centaurium at a dose of 15 drops, twice a day, before meals together with Joint Mobility Factor containing Glucosamine, at a dose of one tablet twice a day after meals.
From the few plants investigated with an ethnopharmacological approach, XO inhibitory activities have been found in Centaurium erythraea ([IC.
Take 10 drops of Centaurium three times daily about 15 minutes before eating.
ventricosa [121] Trachelospermum jasminoides [108, 115] Gentianaceae Centaurium erythraea Raf.
AREFLUX can be helped by taking 15 drops twice daily of the remedy Centaurium.
Bioactivity of secoiridoid glycosides from Centaurium erythraea.
A TRY Centaurium, at a dose of 15 drops, twice a day, before meals.
coronopus and Centaurium littorale were grown with Juncus maritimus in the greenhouse, growth and nutrient uptake were improved (Schat, 1984).
A TRY taking 10 drops of Centaurium and hold it in your mouth for about a minute before swallowing.
Berkan T, Ustunes L, Lermioglu F, Ozer A (1991) Antiinflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic effects of an aqueous extract of Erythraea centaurium.