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the bureau of the Commerce Department responsible for taking the census

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A joint House-Senate conference committee will next debate whether to prohibit the Census Bureau from using sampling for nonresponse follow-up.
findings are consistent with the research of his office and the Census Bureau.
The city plans to press on with a lawsuit filed in February to force the Census Bureau to release additional data and adjust for an undercount, said City Attorney James Hahn.
In 1998, the first time since the Census Bureau started recording fertility information, double-income families numbered 51 percent of all married-couple families.
Using a crosswalk methodology(1) developed by the Census Bureau to recast 1990 data into the new occupational categories of the 2000 tabulation, Peopleclick identified additional changes, including:
Census Bureau, 2013 American Community Survey, Table B10050 http://factfinder.
The Census Bureau report pointed up other weaknesses in California's balance of payments with Washington.
We are extremely pleased to be working with the GSA on the new Census Bureau headquarters," said Michael J.
Census Bureau will offer a two-day embargo for members of the media to view the latest population estimates for the nation, states and counties by age, sex, race and Hispanic origin and for Puerto Rico by age and sex.
The Census Bureau offers assistance in 30 other languages as well, census officials said.
Census Bureau recently began testing Internet and phone-in options as alternative means of responding to the National Census.
Census Bureau, Population Estimates http://factfinder.
Census Bureau and nonprofit groups are reaching out to them in unprecedented ways.