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As for the pervasiveness of filtering products, a poll conducted as early as 1998 at the Technology + Learning conference revealed that 51 percent of surveyed teachers, technology directors, school board members, and other educators had adopted some form of censorware for all or some students in their district (cited in Kongshem, 1998).
The Future of Ideas describes how people were sued for reverse-engineering a censorware program to discover what was being blocked.
For more information and for updated copies of this document, check the Censorware
A new threat -- nearly as insidious as the CDA -- now looms over freedom of speech on the Net: censorware.
2 billion software piracy action filed last week against the People's Republic of China and seven major computer manufacturers in connection with distribution of the controversial Green Dam censorware program, has come under a cyber attack directed from within China.
Finally, various studies, such as one released in June 1998 by The Censorware Project, an Internet watchdog organization, claimed makers of filtering software often mislabel as sexually explicit free speech and advocacy sites.
To illustrate, the Censorware Project recently conducted a test of a filter called "Bess" that is used in many public schools.