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Coverage includes an opening introduction to the Cenozoic Era followed by sections on plants, fungi, and monerans; foraminifera, corals, and mollusks; crustaceans, insects, and arachnids; sharks, rays, and fish; reptiles and birds; and mammals.
Whatever birds evolved from, the divergence took place long before the Late Cretaceous, which is a geological period, part of the Cenozoic Era, and citing Feduccia is seriously misleading because he is by far the most outspoken opponent of the theropod derivation of birds.
The ambition to succeed the 1978 classic Evolution of African mammals is certainly realized in this impressive volume, which offers 48 chapters on the animal, faunal, hominin and environmental record of the Cenozoic era in Africa, reflecting the 22 years of significant developments that have occurred between the two editions both in methods of study and finds.
According to Brower (1994) the vicariant separation of the races could have occurred during the Cenozoic era, specifically the Pleistocene, during the formation of large mountains (including the Andes) around the world.
Numerous mammal skeletons from the more recent Cenozoic Era were also added to the gallery.
This large fish arose in the Cenozoic Era like a dinosaur, then survived the cold crunch of advancing glaciers and lived to thrive in the big, muddy rivers of middle North America.
Fushun oil shale belongs to the Tertiary period of Cenozoic era, coexisting with coal-bearing strata between overlying Quaternary and underlying Cretaceous formations.
The thinning crust under the High Sierra told the scientists that great erosion had occurred over time, and that back in the late Cenozoic era, they had stood at a much higher elevation than today.
The global coring operations have resulted in information essential to our understanding of continental climate and atmospheric and oceanic circulation during the Cretaceous period and Cenozoic era, information that is not present on the continents but only beneath the oceans and which can be recovered only by ocean drilling.
Their discovery, made while they were trying to date volcanic rocks in the region, marks the first time a meteorite impact has been linked directly to its debris and is the most complete record of an impact prior to the Cenozoic era, which began 70 million years ago.