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Species variation in crude protein (%) across different sites in the Borana rangelands during the main rain season Sites Species Did-Tuyura Mana-Soda Medhacho Cenchrus ciliaris 7 6 6.
Cenchrus and Pennisetum: fascicle morphology morphology.
Conversely, we recorded food items at La Blanquilla that were not reported as being used by parrots on Margarita Island, such as seeds from the grass Cenchrus sp.
associated with significantly smaller SOC stocks than the domGrass Exotic Buffel (>25% Cenchrus ciliaris) and domGrass Native Grass (>25% native pasture species) categories (Table 3).
Na regiao de Jaboticabal, Estado de Sao Paulo, nas condicoes e na epoca em que foi realizado o ensaio, a cultura do feijao pode conviver com as plantas daninhas; Acanthospermum hispidum, Arachis hypogaea, Cenchrus echinatus, Portulaca oleracea e Raphanus raphanistrum por ate 27, 23, 19 e 13 dias apos emergencia das plantas de feijao, nas densidades de semeadura de dez, 15, dez e 15 plantas [m.
In preparing catchment C3, the unburnt timber was left and the catchment was sown to Cenchrus ciliaris L.
Moraceae] Aphis gossypii Cenchrus brownii Roemer & J.
tripsacoides, Cenchrus spinifex coastal sandbur, S.
2 Comparison of frost resistance between cultivars of Cenchrus ciliaris, Chloris gayana and Setaria anceps.
sexlineatus are sand-loving species, the former is mostly limited to alluvial deposits (Walker 1987a) whereas the latter is mostly limited to broadly distributed eolian deposits where species of the lizard genus Holbrookia and the sandbur genus Cenchrus are ecological indicators (Paulissen et al.