concrete mixer

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a machine with a large revolving drum in which cement is mixed with other materials to make concrete


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Shortly before the cement truck was detonated, two cars were exploded in rapid succession in apparent diversionary blasts.
Officials say this is to break the bottleneck caused by cement truck drivers racing to get their load across the causeway before the weekly 10,000 tonnes export quota allowed by Saudi runs out.
They were killed after the car they were travelling in burst into flames following a collision with a cement truck on an unfinished section of motorway between Limassol, in the southern central region, and Paphos on the western coast.
We were also greeted by the spectacle of a cement truck emblazoned with the words "Toxic Bank" and "Anglo" driven to the gates of Leinster House.
Redemption Rock Trail and Legg Road, cement truck dumped cement all over the road.
Eugene Recreation invites all ages to get into the cab of a fire engine, cement truck, sweeper, dump truck and more, from 5 p.
As a solution, cement truck drivers are being given tickets that allow them on to the causeway on certain days and at set times, to break the logjam.
Two colleagues were critically ill after the collision with a cement truck on an unfinished road between Limassol and Paphos.
He was charged after he drove a cement truck with the words "Toxic Bank Anglo" written in big red letters up to the gates of the Dail.
When you fall on these big waves it is like being dropped from a 10 story building and hit by a cement truck.
CUTLINE: (1) A man who was stranded in a pickup truck under the bridge at Southgate Street in Worcester is rescued by a cement truck.
LANCASTER - A workman was killed when he was hit by a cement truck, and another man died in a separate collision - between two vehicles - Wednesday afternoon.
A cement truck with a large boom will extend over a neighbors house to pour the foundation.
ANGLO Joe McNamara MIXING IT UP Cement truck causes havoc yesterday
Main Street, caller reported his truck was parked and his vehicle was struck by a large 18-wheel cement truck that did not stop.