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Celtis described Pirckheimer's house as a "poet's refuge" (Smith, 1983, 41).
Species with higher densities in the lower size-classes are Aesculus glabra, Carya cordiformis, Celtis occidentalis, and Ulmus americana (Fig.
The midstory of the mature brushland edge plot was dominated by Celtis pallida and the midstory of the mature brushland interior plot was dominated by S.
8% (Quercus rubra, Ulmus rubra, Celtis occidentalis, Carya ovata, Ulmus americana, and Fraxinus americana).
The Italians modeled their academies after the Platonic Academy in Athens; the Germans, in turn, based their "sodalitates" on the Italian academies thanks primarily to Celtis, who is also credited with having founded academies in Cracow and Olmitz.
Celtis and Sapium are both small deciduous, fast growing trees that are insect pollinated and have bird dispersed seeds (Van Auken & Lohstroh 1990; Jubinsky & Anderson 1996; Renne et al.
saccharum, Carpinus caroliniana, Celtis occidentalis, Gymnocladus dioica, Ostrya virginiana, Rubus occidentalis, Salix nigra, Sambucus canadensis, Staphylea trifolia, and Ulmus rubra.
154 [+ or -] 185 -- ligulatus Berula erecta 41 [+ or -] 50 -- Calibrachoa parviflora 2,794 [+ or -] 5,985 20 [+ or -] 50 Celtis pallida, -- 10 [+ or -] 25 Cirsium neomexicana 20 [+ or -] 32 -- Cyperus odoratus 1,003 [+ or -] 773 338 [+ or -] 177 Eclipta prostrata 41 [+ or -] 63 -- Eleocharis acicularis -- 123 [+ or -] 301 E.
Other essays take up particular aspects of Agricola's achievement, such as his speech, "In laudem philosophiae" (Wim van Dooren, 67-82); his De inventione dialectice (Lothar Mundt, 83-146) and its use in German arts curricula during the sixteenth century; his commentary on Cicero's De lege Manilia (Lutz Claren and Joachim Huber, 147-80); his treatise on education, De formando studio (Jurgen Busch, 355-85); and his inspiration of Conrad Celtis, who returned to Heidelberg in 1495 to found a sodality (Wilhelm Kuhlmann, 387-412).
He enjoyed a certain fame among German and Dutch humanists around the year 1500, and he was a friend and associate of the German archhumanist - as he styled himself - Conrad Celtis in Nuremberg and through him had access to court circles.
The study site is a flat area of 400 ha within the Biosphere Reserve Parque Costero del Sur (MABUNESCO), composed of semi-open grasslands with several patches of low woodlands mainly dominated by native tree species including Celtis ehrenbergiana, Scutia buxifolia, and Schinus longifolius.
Wheeler (1983) suggested that the torus thickening in pit membranes of Ulmus and Celtis might keep the displaced pit membrane from rupturing and spreading air embolisms.
Celtis reticulata (western hackberry) is the dominant tree in the canyon, and closest to the entrance.
One of the major indicators of human action in the rainforest is the sheer prevalence of fast-growing 'weed' trees such as Macaranga, Celtis and Trema.