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a Latin cross with a ring surrounding the intersection

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2) Officials lay a wreath at the Celtic Cross Monument.
Mrs Centurion, aged 52, said: "The Celtic cross had been broken into two pieces and was lying on the grass.
But it shouldn't be long before the mystery addition to his other five tattoos - Celtic cross, lion, Maori design, Mother logo and saint plus stars - is on full show.
The burial scene is particularly well-staged, with a huge Celtic cross and gravestones being tossed and tumbled around by glow-in-the-dark skeletons.
Several hundred republicans braved biting wind last Sunday to attend the unveiling of the Celtic Cross in the Markets district of south Belfast.
There are no problems now and we entered Celtic Cross for Saturday's Desmond Stakes, but she is now back at the Royal Studs.
Peter, an upside-down Latin cross said to be the instrument of martyrdom requested by Peter because he thought himself unworthy to be executed the same way that Jesus was; (6) the Celtic cross, with a circle representing eternity; (7) the Maltese cross, with eight points representing the Beatitudes; (8) the Jerusalem or Crusader's cross, made up of four Greek crosses around four joined Taus, representing the five wounds of Christ, and evangelization to the four corners of the world; (9) the Eastern cross, one of the earliest, still used in Russian Orthodox and other eastern Churches; the upper bar represents the "INRI" inscription; (10) the Patriarchal cross, processional cross used by Patriarchs and Archbishops; (the Papal version has a third crossbar).
The former Galway skipper and All-Star won a Celtic Cross alongside Walsh in 2001 and admits he is a little bit envious of his club mates who will switch focus to Galway duties as soon as their club campaign ends.
AN amateur tattoo artist yesterday admitted tattooing a large Celtic cross on a schoolgirl.
He climbed on to a large Celtic cross standing on a stone plinth at the front of the church.
She's having to put in some overtime to hide her famous body art, which includes a large Celtic cross and band on each arm.
She will lay a wreath on the Barre Granite Celtic Cross on the Front Street side of Worcester City Hall.
A CELTIC cross celebrating a community's Christian heritage was vandalised before it was even unveiled.
Patrick's Festival March 14-17 with a variety of international entertainers, a Sunday evening country music concert and unveiling of a five-ton replica Celtic cross.