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a polysaccharide that is the chief constituent of all plant tissues and fibers

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The initial moisture content of cellulose fibres is between 5 and 10%.
Microcrystalline cellulose was used as cellulose fibres and purchased from Mikro-technik GmbH under the trade name Albafibre C-200.
Microstructure of cellulose fibres in samples was examined to detect structure modifications with a scanning electron microscopy (ESEM X-L30) (Philips).
The efficiency of cellulose fibres in reinforcing the polymer matrix is primarily determined by the degree of its dispersion in the matrix [22].
The 12 month Cellulose Fibre Chain Study involved the VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland working with local firms to identify market opportunities for higher value-added forestry products.
With the cellulose fibres in a solution of water, an electrically charged polymer, also in a water solution, is added.
The separation of fibres according to size were done by the means of sieve analysis where 300 g of cellulose fibres were shaken for 10 minute through the set of sieves.
1 Global Cellulose Fibres Market Segmentation by Geography 10.
This company, which specialises in the industrial manufacture of cellulose fibres, is implementing a multi-annual development programme for new, high-quality TENCELA products.
Lenzing is the only manufacturer in the world that has mastered the technology for producing this latest generation of cellulose fibres on a large industrial scale.
At the signing of the loan contract, Wilhelm Molterer, EIB Vice-President responsible for lending operations in Austria, stated, Today, Lenzing is a technology leader in the field of man-made cellulose fibres, thanks in part to its ambitious research and development activities.
Lenzing AG is the leading manufacturer of man-made cellulose fibres, which basically extends to viscose staple fibres as well as lyocell staple fibres.
We have production facilities in Austria, the United States and Indonesia, and we are the only manufacturer of viscose fibres or man-made cellulose fibres which has its own production facilities in all three major world markets, which is an asset in itself.
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