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a chemical reaction in which water reacts with a compound to produce other compounds

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Effects of type and level of supplementation and the influence of the rumen fluid pH on cellulolysis in vivo and dry matter digestion of various roughages.
These authors suggest that citrus pulp supplementation for lactating cows fed total mixed ration apparently creates favorable conditions for cellulolysis in the rumen, as expressed by the higher digestion of neutral detergent-soluble carbohydrates and CP (Miron et al.
1970) explained that inhibition of cellulolysis due to depression in ruminal pH on high concentrate diets could be avoided by using bicarbonate.
This variation could be possibly ascribed to the variation in cereal (maize) contents of the concentrate supplements; the high proportion of maize in the concentrate supplement fed to 100E lambs could possibly have led to a reduction in ruminal pH attributable to excessive fermentative acid production, consequently depressing cellulolysis and fiber digestion.
Manipulation of rumen fluid pH and its influence on cellulolysis in sacco, DM degradability and rumen microflora of sheep offered hay or concentrate.