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a hand-held mobile radiotelephone for use in an area divided into small sections, each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver

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worldwide quarterly cellular phones sales, units, Q1 2000 - Q4 2014
Fliers were placed throughout the facility requesting the donation of previously owned cellular phones.
The cellular phone market has expanded rapidly worldwide; Cellular phones now provide new value-added applications such as mobile banking and ticket reservations.
Although the FDA says there is no significant public health risk to patients with pacemakers who use cellular phones properly, the agency has asked manufacturers to design pacemakers that reject any interference from cellular phones or other wireless technology.
Patients who use cellular phones should keep them out of their breast pockets, where the phones may be close to or directly over a pacemaker, comments Donald M.
In an effort to combat this new crime wave, the state attorney's office in Jacksonville, Florida, pioneered a sting operation in which law enforcement officers posed as phone cloners who would, for a fee, reprogram stolen or inoperative cellular phones with numbers purportedly stolen from real cellular phone customers.
The study by a Canadian research team shows that drivers who talk on a cellular phone face four times the risk of having an accident than those who don't.
Synthetic pesticides assure us a plentiful and cheap supply of fresh fruits and vegetables; power lines give us light and warmth that formerly were provided by such terribly dangerous and polluting substances as kerosene and coal, and they give us coolness that was simply unavailable; cellular phones are regularly used to transmit emergency information concerning traffic accidents and crimes; automobiles have rid us of streets paved with pony poo and the terrible diseases that accompanied it; food irradiation could have prevented the recent outbreak of bacteria from fast-food hamburgers that has killed three children and made hundreds of persons ill, but the irradiation technophobes have managed to keep it practically nonexistent in the United States.
Of the businesspeople surveyed, 18% were in sales or retail positions, and more than half claimed sales increased because of the cellular phones.
The company's Handset Manager, Mobile Action's trademarked mobile management software, links cellular phones with PCs and allows users to store and edit files, phone book information, appointments, ring tones, images, and more.
On the other side, Dan Waggoner, a partner at Seattle's Davis Wright Tremaine law firm and a former chair of the American Bar Association's Forum on Communications Law, argues that people who talk on cellular phones have a reasonable ``expectation of privacy'' that should be legally protected.
Clearly, cellular phones have become more than a business resource, allowing people to be more productive and increasing flexibility in controlling their communications, anywhere, anytime," said Johnson.
Because safety is one of the major selling points of cellular phones, it is essential that access to 911 be available to everyone.
Shared Technologies Cellular makes it easy for Delta Shuttle passengers to rent cellular phones before or after flights.
Calypso to Demonstrate Its C1250i WiFi-GSM VoIP Skype Calls Connectivity Cellular Phones on T-Mobile Network