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a hand-held mobile radiotelephone for use in an area divided into small sections, each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver

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Covering 163 regional markets and all major cellular network infrastructure vendors this report/database tracks worldwide cellular network infrastructure contracts, in addition to assessing infrastructure vendor market share and providing predictions on future contracts for up to a five years period.
Motorola is also the systems supplier to Ghana's first cellular network operator.
IP-Tube enables T1 connections over packet based wired, fiber, satellite, wireless and, now, next generation cellular networks.
VCC enables handover between WLAN packet access and macro circuit-switched cellular networks.
This latest release of Shunra VE includes new features that focus on some of today's most critical technology challenges, including delivering content to thousands of users all over the world via the Internet, and developing applications for wireless and cellular networks.
a leading developer and provider of coverage enhancement solutions for cellular networks, announced today that it has successfully installed its advanced coverage enhancement solution for Skylink, the largest CDMA operator in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
DiVitas recently demonstrated fixed-mobile convergence for seamless roaming between a GPRS/GSM cellular network and Symbol's wireless network infrastructure at the Gartner Wireless & Mobile Summit in Detroit, Michigan.
DiVitas conducted interoperability tests with the PWG-600 using a VoIP-over-WiFi application, in which VoIP calls were handed off from the WLAN to the cellular network and back for seamless roaming over the best available network.
The increased deployment of microcells or picocells in an urban environment poses a significant economic challenge for cellular network operators because the need for leased T1/E1 lines also increases dramatically and operators are watching their costs skyrocket.
a manufacturer of advanced energy meters and wireless data telemetry products, has announced the introduction of the MARK-V PCS Data Recorder, a two-channel load profiling demand recorder with a fully integrated CDMA Digital Cellular Modem for wireless telemetry of accumulated pulse data across digital cellular networks.
com/research/7mqg6j/worldwide) has announced the addition of the "Worldwide Cellular Networks and Handsets Research Service" subscription to their offering.
com/research/6ef9f9/worldwide_cellular) has announced the addition of the "Worldwide Cellular Networks and Handsets Research Service" subscription to their offering.
Data communications provided through cellular networks gives business owners the capability to be in touch anywhere they have cell phone coverage and anytime that their mobile phones are on.
The Basics of Cellular is designed to provide an overview of the essential elements of cellular networks, from mobile phones to antennas to protocols in use in these systems today.
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