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(from a combination of MOdulate and DEModulate) electronic equipment consisting of a device used to connect computers by a telephone line

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The battery-powered unit delivers broadcast-quality video using a single Verizon cellular modem, but has the ability to bond up to eight cellular modems simultaneously.
In 2012, cellular modem sales will grow fastest in North America, at 69 percent year on year growth, followed by Asia Pacific at 34 percent;
Coulomb Technologies To Use Multi-Tech's Cellular Modems for Unique, Networked Features
ABI Research predicts that internal modems will begin to lead sales of cellular modems in 2009 while the ubiquity of the USB port, in laptops and desktops, will lift the USB modem to second place in worldwide sales, later in the forecast period.
The Modem Link Service platform accomplishes the connection by answering the mobile worker's cellular data call with a cellular modem and then passes the call to the platform's landline modem, which contacts the destination modem via the local landline telephone network (public switched telephone network).
At present, most modems on the market support GSM, GPRS, EDGE or HSDPA network technologies, according to ABI Research's cellular modem Market Data," says research associate Khin Sandi Lynn.
The equipment in the mobile office includes a cellular phone, a notebook computer with fax capabilities, a laser printer, a docking station, and a cellular modem.
According to ABI Research's Cellular Modem Product Tracking Database, more than 50% of the modem models now available in the market utilize the ubiquitous USB interface.
One solution is to replace the host computer modem with a cellular modem, which can be costly or even impossible (if, for example, you're dialing into a public data base).
Profiles of leading external and embedded cellular modem vendors including C-motech, Huawei, Novatel Wireless, Option Wireless Technology, Sierra Wireless, Ericsson, Icera, Qualcomm, and ST-Ericsson.
This 'plug and play' solution means a cellular customer can add a cellular modem to his own computer and use data on the go as easily as at the office," said Gary Schulman, regional vice president for Bell Atlantic Mobile's Northeast operations.
This 'plug and play' solution means a cellular customer can add a cellular modem to his own computer and use data on the go as easily as at the office," said Jack Plating, regional vice president for Bell Atlantic Mobile's Southeast operations.
Handset sales are growing at only 4%, while cellular modem shipments are expected to grow by 40% annually, and ultra mobile devices by 67%.
a pioneer in cellular data communications, developed the first commercially successful cellular modem, and has a portfolio of basic patents in the field of cellular modem technology.
Typical cellular modem users currently pay $50-$60/month for mobile data services from national providers.
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