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(from a combination of MOdulate and DEModulate) electronic equipment consisting of a device used to connect computers by a telephone line

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Target: SIMCom Wireless/ cellular modem products, R/D team and customer base
2GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 application processor with cellular modems to support advanced multimedia and graphics capabilities consumers demand for their mobile devices.
Users can expect to receive between 2Mbps and 5Mbps on one cellular modem over the Verizon 4G LTE network.
Icera devices are used by OEMs globally to deliver extremely small, fully software-based multimode 4G LTE/3G/2G cellular modems for smart phones, and mobile broadband devices such as USB sticks, tablets and netbooks.
Scottsdale, AZ -- The cellular modem market had a breakout year in 2004, and prospects for the next five years are even brighter, according to In-Stat (in-stat.
A data sample is sent by the on-board data acquisition system to the UMTRI facility in Ann Arbor, MI, via cellular modem each time the ignition is turned off so researchers can assess the system's operational state, and ensure that the vehicle isn't being abused.
a manufacturer of advanced energy meters and wireless data telemetry products, has announced the introduction of the MARK-V PCS Data Recorder, a two-channel load profiling demand recorder with a fully integrated CDMA Digital Cellular Modem for wireless telemetry of accumulated pulse data across digital cellular networks.
So far, they have purchased only a single computer and cellular modem, which Wilson hopes to begin testing soon in all sorts of conditions - night and day, sun and cloud, wind and rain, on the flat lands and in the hills.
This study predicts cellular modem sales growth of 16 percent CAGR, from 150 million units in 2012 to 312 million in 2017.
The modem shall be a cellular modem that will provide seamless 4G connectivity with our current Cellular provider which is Verizon as well as XLTE services.
The launch of the Skywire family starts with an embedded 2G CDMA 1xRTT product that is the smallest embedded cellular modem on the market.
SW), a provider of cellular and positioning modules and integrated circuits, announced on Tuesday its selection by CalAmp (Nasdaq:CAMP) as GPS receiver and cellular modem supplier for CalAmp's new line of vehicle tracking, anti-theft and insurance telematics devices designed especially for the Brazilian market.
Eaton's new wireless solution for 3G connectivity is the ELPRO 615M-1 cellular modem and IP router.
11 wireless Ethernet, GSM/GPRS cellular modem, CDMA cellular modem, ZigBee wireless RF module, 10/100 wired Ethernet port, global-compliant dial-up modem, six USB ports and six COM channels on a single board.
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