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Synonyms for glycol

a sweet but poisonous syrupy liquid used as an antifreeze and solvent

any of a class of alcohols having 2 hydroxyl groups in each molecule

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Disinfecting solutions contain ingredients ranging from alcohol and bleach to more aggressive solvents like butyl cellosolve.
Leith, told gathered state officials and many of the company's 30 employees recently the decision was a no-brainer to move from Butyl Cellosolve (ethylene glycol monobutyl ether), a solvent used in electrocoating, to a more environmentally friendly substance.
99%, Alfa Aesar), TEA (99%, Alfa Aesar), ethylene glycol monobutyl ether [butyl cellosolve (BCS)] (99%, Alfa Aesar), and diethylene glycol (DEG) (99%, Alfa Aesar) were used as received.
2 - - cellosolve (13%/45%/42% by weight) White spirit - - - - 24.
Synthetic ingredients to avoid include butyl cellosolve, petroleum, triclosan and phosphates.
When I joined the industry, all the inks used in my employer's plant were solvent based and we bought solvents like acetate, alcohol and cellosolve by the 55-gallon drum.
pleasant aromatherapeutic vapors; no synthetic fragrances or dyes; plant-based and completely natural; non-toxic and free of bleach, ammonia, chlorine and butyl cellosolve which can cause breathing problems, skin and eye irritation, or allergic reactions.
Our customers can now reap the full benefits of Butyl Cellosolve solvent, our most cost-effective coupling solvent.
Inhalation of vapors from butyl cellosolve, used as a solvent to dissolve grease, may irritate the respiratory tract and cause nausea, headaches, dizziness, and unconsciousness.
A half ester of SMA 1000, esterified with butyl cellosolve, was also evaluated in this experiment.
A typical bottle of all-purpose cleaner contains Butyl Cellosolve (also known as ethylene glycol monobutyl ether), a chemical that can cause blood and bone-marrow damage at high exposures.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Butyl Cellosolve At Our Kolkata Plant
Fine Chemicals, Mumbai, India), 85% formic acid (Finar Chemicals, Hyderabad, India), commercial cellosolve acetate (CA), and other reagents were used without further purification.