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a large stringed instrument

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Born in Stockholm, Sweden and currently living in London, the cellist combines performing with teaching and composing.
For this special performance, Julian is inviting fellow cellists to bring along their own instrument to perform on stage.
The Young Artists' Recital on September 20 features one of Wales' most gifted young musicians, cellist Steffan Morris.
CELEBRATED British cellist Raphael Wall-fisch is the latest international soloist to team up with the Stratford-based Orchestra of the Swan.
The cellists Yartseva also performed powerfully, which was supplemented by the sensuality of their approach to the instrument.
The quartet performed concerts in Syria, Belarus, Greece, Lebanon, Jordan and Ukraine, with a concert due to be performed by the end of 2010 at the Opera House at Dar Al Assad for Culture & Arts with other cellists.
CONCERTED EFFORT: Nine cellists finally make it to Outlane
the book is a useful tool for cellists and researchers.
In July the Extreme Cellists, Jeremy Dawson, 32, Clare Wallace, 48, and James Rees, 28, will attempt the Four Peaks Challenge to raise funds for mountain rescue teams and spinal injury charity, Aspire.
A DOZEN cellists competing might sound like a line out of a Christmas carol - but it is in fact an everyday scene at one local school.
HELP is on hand for young Brummie cellists who want to improve their skills.
In her book Playing (less) Hurt, Janet Horvath says that cellists have the highest rate of back injury (75 percent), followed by harpists (73 percent), pianists (69 percent), double bass players (60 percent) and violinists (37 percent).
A trio of intrepid cellists will climb up the north west tower of Durham Cathedral to serenade the many roosting pigeons.
A trio of cellists will be scaling the musical heights this summer when they play concerts on the roofs of Newcastle and Durham cathedrals.
Together they engaged in a tough-muscled excursion braided through with a text that also ranged from the poetic ("The cellists go by in a carriage of Chinese tea, biting the air and open-hearted caresses.