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a large stringed instrument

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This is entirely due to the pressure from cellists and musicians around the world, sharing and posting on social media.
Caption: Simon Cummings, Nicole Myers, and Ben Munoz are the cellists that make up Cello Fury.
International Mstislav Rostropovich Festival is a traditional festival organized by cellist himself in 2006.
Other highlights of her career include touring for two years as featured cellist with Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson - The Immortal World Tour and having her music featured in dozens of movies.
Born in Stockholm, Sweden and currently living in London, the cellist combines performing with teaching and composing.
However, Kennaway emphasizes that the emergence of a pervasive trend such as this does not indicate singularity of practice, and he advises modern cellists who would recreate the effects of nineteenth-century portamento that the historical models from which they might choose remain diverse; some represent personal idiosyncrasies, others consensus views, and still others styles extrapolated from a variety of sources.
For this special performance, Julian is inviting fellow cellists to bring along their own instrument to perform on stage.
The Young Artists' Recital on September 20 features one of Wales' most gifted young musicians, cellist Steffan Morris.
CELEBRATED British cellist Raphael Wall-fisch is the latest international soloist to team up with the Stratford-based Orchestra of the Swan.
Featured artists are some of the country's finest musicians headed by pianist Mary Anne Espina, violinist Gina Medina, and a young cellist making waves in the international music scene, Guo Qiele.
MdT's performance of Reber's passionately undulating work was playful, with an interesting interplay between the cellists.
Gently impassioned (pardon the oxymoron), subtly perfumed in the interaction between violinist (Tasmin Little) and cellist (Paul Watkins), and so wondrous that one regrets that programming it is so difficult -- whenever are professional solo violinists and cellists together on the same platform?
Violoncellissimo is composed of cellists Athil Hamdan, Olga Yakoub, Koryun Bagbodrian and Somar Ashkar.
NINE cellists will line-up to play a concert in Outlane tomorrow (May 15), four months after the original event was called off because of snow.
It is a remarkable survey, a true celebration of violoncello literature by two accomplished cellists.