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an undifferentiated cell whose daughter cells may differentiate into other cell types (such as blood cells)

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The clinic offers, among others, cell-based therapy for pain management which Yalung said is not the same as stem cell therapy.
Orgenesis, a company involved in the emerging fields of cellular therapy and regenerative medicine, has received a patent for the technology supporting its unique cell-based therapy, which is being developed as a potential cure for Type 1 Diabetes, it was reported yesterday.
The funding is for the advanced development of CLT-008, a cell-based therapy for the treatment of ARS.
The anaylst expects that the use of autologous mesenchymal stem cell-derived and human embryonic stem cell derived cardiomyocytes and endothelial cells represent future trend in development of stem cell-based therapy for cardiac diseases.
MPI Research, a preclinical contract research organization that sponsors annual educational summits, is proud to present, Advances in Therapeutic Discovery and Drug Development: Preclinical Cell-Based Therapy Research, August 15-17, 2007 at the historic and picturesque Brook Lodge in Augusta, Michigan.
He will discuss these platforms developed by the company's subsidiaries, PrimeCell[TM] Therapeutics LLC and NewStem Biosciences LLC, including pre-clinical work using cell-based therapy to treat spinal cord injury.
AGS-003 is a second-generation dendritic cell-based therapy with optimized immune response characteristics that is designed to stimulate the patient's immune system to target and destroy the patient's cancer cells.
When transplanted into the central nervous system, they will develop into a variety of functional neural cell types, making them a potent resource for cell-based therapy.
NASDAQ:CYTX) (Frankfurt:XMPA) announced today preclinical data demonstrating that adipose stem and regenerative cell-based therapy following a heart attack in pigs is not associated with an increased risk of irregular heart rhythms, which can result in potentially life threatening complications from heart attacks.