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a hand-held mobile radiotelephone for use in an area divided into small sections, each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver

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max] ~ 10 [micro]m) (c) Microwave oven, RF leakage standard 50 140 1 m from a 100-W light bulb (d) 8 Cell telephone (2 GHz) public guideline (e) 10 61 Cell telephone (850 MHz) public 4.
Every one of the 27 of the association's Meridian trains have now been fitted with extraordinary gear to furnish a reinforced cell telephone motion in partnership with Vodafone UK.
Currently the device of choice is the cell telephone.
In 2009, the Commonwealth launched AlertPA, a system that helps officials quickly send emergency landline and cell telephone calls, texts and email alerts, and other important notifications, to users to assist them in making informed decisions.
Nagy's e-mail and cell telephone service, and Roberts and Shambro stopped returning his calls.
service provides a way to publish your VoIP or cell telephone number independent of your carrier.
mKids US is a syndicated research program conducted by NOP World on cell telephone ownership and usage, brand affinities, entertainment habits and media consumption among American youth.
Nagy's email and cell telephone service, and Roberts and Shambro stopped returning his calls.
Its activities cover all public and private requirements, from the operator to the final user, offering products and services ranging from digital switching to transmission systems, from radio or spatial links to mobile cell telephone systems and services.
Now it is possible to speak with a friend across an ocean and to see your friend; due to cell telephones, the mothers are able to immediately find out what and where their children are doing; we do have the possibility to obtain in several minutes the e-versions of thick books stored thousands miles away from our terminals, etc.
Christensen also was ordered to stay away from children under the age of 18, surrender his passport, refrain from the use of illicit narcotics, firearms and other dangerous weapons, and have no access to computers and cell telephones with Internet and camera access.
way that cell telephones have promoted the increased use of
To announce critical events, the system will be enhanced to automatically alert users via cell telephones, pagers, email, etc.