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(histology) the use of a dye to color specimens for microscopic study

the act of spotting or staining something

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Cytokeratin was positive in surface cells in all 5 cases in which this was available (100%) (Figure 1, C); 3 cases had no round cell staining for cytokeratin and 2 showed weak patchy staining (40%).
The laboratory report indicated "H&E cell staining shows the 10mm clear/white tissue sphere is compatible with corneal tissue.
Using the frequently cited cutoff of 10% cell staining as a positive result, desmin provided no predictive value at all; for cases with positive staining, half of the patients were alive at 5 years and half had died.
In a parallel effort, Mycosol expects to initiate a technology development project with a leading university to optimize a family of cell staining reagents and antimicrobial additives used in laboratory research.
Instead, those "negative" glands need to be interpreted within the context of the entire "atypical" focus by comparing the morphology of those negative glands with the surrounding glands that show basal cell staining.
The Lung cancer presentation also includes results using the Company's Histo-RECAF(TM) cancer cell staining kit: Briefly, 22 out of 24 lung cancers were stained positively.
8) It is also important not to interpret nonlymphoid cell staining as abnormal (Figure 6).