cellular respiration

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the metabolic processes whereby certain organisms obtain energy from organic molecules

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Seeger experimented with yeast cell enzyme preparation combined with vegetable base activator of cell respiration and hydrogen acceptor that, in turn, activated 1200x cellular oxidation, thereby increasing the oxidation metabolism in mitochondria.
Studies done on viral effects on cell respiration in vitro (26,21) showed that poliovirus and human herpes virus type one (HHV-1) infections of the cells caused a rapid decrease in total cellular respiration, which was related to mitochondrial dysfunction.
The normal ageing process has been linked to problems with cell respiration, the process through which the cells extract energy from nutrients.
This review focuses on the utility of LABQUEST for collection of data in a cell respiration lab for a 100-level college biology course.
The basic elements of the model, cell respiration and equilibrium considerations, have been tested against experimental data obtained in our laboratories and at Los Alamos National Laboratories (Claro Scientific, 2008, unpublished data).
Coupled with Laminaria Digitata and Red Coral to help increase oxygen levels in the skin, this advanced face and eye treatment allows skin to perform at its peak, improving cell respiration and cell regeneration, for a firmer, uplifted younger looking appearance after one treatment.
Free radicals are formed in the body as fatty acids are transformed into trans fatty acids, thereby compromising cell respiration.
4Once the acute period of injury has passed, apply localised heat treatment to the injured area as heat brings blood and nutriments to the damaged area in a process called cell respiration.
Photosynthesis and cell respiration, for example, require this type of electron travel.