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recuperation in which the symptoms of an acute disease gradually subside

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This is the first study, to our knowledge, which was able to quantify the exposure time required to achieve cell lysis and decrease cell viability.
After 20 minutes of room temperature incubation in the dark, red cell lysis was initiated with 2 mL of buffered ammonium chloride (made fresh from 10X stock), followed by 8 to 10 minutes of incubation, without washing.
Treatment with rhodomyrtone at the 2MBC, 4MBC, and 8MBC had no effect (OD620 range, 82-99% of the original) on the cell lysis within 24 h.
Following the chemical cell lysis extraction process there is the potential for residual chemical or cellular based contaminants to artificially alter fluorescence through the interference of dye binding efficiency during quantification.
Cell lysis was performed using 600[micro]L of Nuclei Lysis Solution and incubated at 80[degrees]C for 5 min.
Red blood cell lysis induced by the venom of the brown recluse spider: The role of spbingomyelinase D.
We postulate that her doxorubicin-based chemotherapy induced rapid cell lysis and necrosis of peripherally located, metastatic pulmonary nodules, leading to the pneumothoraces.
The product of this gene, c1 repressor protein, binds to specific sites along the P1 genome and allows phage survival by preventing cell lysis.
Onyx-015 is a replication-selective adenovirus engineered to infect and multiply within malignant cells, resulting in cell lysis while sparing noncancerous cells, explained Dr.
Application of a recently developed gallium complex during cell lysis should limit the extent of this bias by binding phosphorylated proteins.
About Pexa-Vec Pexa-Vec is an oncolytic immunotherapy designed to 1) rapidly de-bulk tumors via tumor cell lysis, 2) activate an antivascular effect with rapid tumor vascular knockout, and 3) induce a durable immune response against tumors.
Severe cardiopulmonary complication consistent with systemic inflammatory response syndrome caused by leukemia cell lysis in childhood acute myelomyocytic or monocytic leukemia.
The BD MAX System--an automated workstation for molecular testing--automates cell lysis, nucleic-acid extraction, PCR set-up, amplification, and detection.
However, they will not be mirrored in the free hemoglobin concentration (and hemolysis index measurement), which will necessarily reflect only red cell lysis.
A longer turnaround time for the plasma specimen (approximately 45 min for plasma vs approximately 15 min for whole blood) may have further increased cell lysis and hence the pseudohyperkalemia.