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the ordering of genes in a haploid set of chromosomes of a particular organism

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com) announced today that the Company and its collaborators have successfully generated induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells from somatic cells using recombinant proteins, thereby creating an economical and expeditious way to generate stem cells while simultaneously eliminating any risk of modifying the target cell genome.
Once inside the macrophages, they take over the cell genome and force it to produce more virus--eventually killing the cell.
The methods provide for a rapid method for introducing mutations and/or modifications of any type into a mammalian cell genome.
This widespread, signal cell genome sequencing of marine bacteria in the surface ocean has uncovered a surprising amount of metabolic specialization.
Other technologies used to make iPS cells in animals over the past five years have mainly used viruses to deliver the necessary genes and the resulting cell lines can contain the uncertain results of DNA integration into the host cell genome.
The TargeTron system provides the most robust and simple method available for site-specific disruption of DNA sequences within a host cell genome.
It offers competitive advantages over current systems in that it can carry large genes and genomic sequences, it permits the rapid, efficient and predictable insertion of selected genes, it allows for the long term and stable expression of large and multiple proteins, and it does not integrate into the host cell genome.