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a general term for the research activity that creates a copy of some biological entity (a gene or organism or cell)

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Its unique technology will redefine the throughput and strategies for cell cloning.
Culture of cell lines from fetuses or post natal animals is an essential part of somatic cell cloning.
A similar threat was issued against Cardinal George Pell of Sydney when he, too, opposed embryonic stem cell cloning.
The eggs would be used in stem cell cloning research carried out by North East experts.
The automated capabilities of LEAP also provide for further process improvements by facilitating the integration of culture media optimization with the cell cloning process, in addition to detailed documentation about the clonal and growth history of each cell line that is developed to comply with FDA requirements.
Creationism is not 'dangerous', especially compared with harmful medical practices that removed our 'evolutionary leftover organs', Darwin's racism, non-adult stem cell cloning, or dismissing the majority of DNA as 'junk'.
The bill represents a thoughtful attempt to set ethical guidelines that would permit the therapeutic cell cloning necessary for disease research while banning any procedures aimed at producing a cloned human child.
8 from the British government to conduct human cell cloning for medical research.
The issue resurfaced earlier this year when the British government eased restrictions on human embryo cloning in July and granted its first license for stem cell cloning research in August.
Dr Donald Bruce, director of the Society, Religion and Technology Project in Edinburgh said: 'At this time we don't think anyone should be doing cell cloning research until there is a UN ban on reproductive human cloning.