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of or relating to the science of cytology


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com), a Seattle-based contract research company specializing in primary cell biology, announced today the roll-out of a platform of immunology-based assays and the hiring of an experienced scientific manager for its new immunology services.
Genetix cell biology reagents and consumables were designed for integration with ClonePix FL, Genetix' revolutionary system for rapid, automated cell identification, selection, isolation and collection, providing a complete system approach to cell biology applications.
This volume will be an important addition to the resources available to students and researchers in general cell biology or microbiology.
Membership in the ASCB is open to all scientists who have education or research experience in cell biology or an allied field.
Xcellsyz was founded in 2000 and has established state of the art cell biology facilities at the Bioscience Centre at the Centre for Life in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
The Max Planck Institute (MPI) has assumed a leading role in 'Biopolis Dresden' by founding a new international molecular cell biology and genetic research centre.
As product director, cell biology, she now manages the cell biology product portfolio, which is used by researchers world-wide in their work to identify the drugs of the future.
He has taught international graduate courses in cell biology around the world and has been a visiting professor at nearly 60 teaching institutions.
This includes 2-day courses on mesenchymal stem cell biology (October 2nd and 3rd), mammary stem cell biology (October 17th and 18th), neural stem cell biology (October 30th and 31st), hematopoietic stem cell biology (October 30th and 31st), and human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cell biology (November 14th and 15th).
BULLETIN BOARD: WGBS) , a leading developer of state-of-the-art gene expression, genotyping, cell biology and stem cell research systems, today announced that Alnoor Shivji, WaferGen's president and chief executive officer, will deliver a presentation entitled, "Genomics and Stem Cell Research -- Catalyst to Biotech Growth in Malaysia," at BioMalaysia 2008.
Meyers (a chemical engineer with a company in Larkspur, California) has compiled 14 articles selected from the 16-volume Encyclopedia of Molecular Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine (Wiley, 2006) on the molecular cell biology of cancer (mechanisms and models) and molecular medicine approaches to the disease's diagnosis and treatment.
Cell Press (Cambridge, MA), the producer of seven journals covering cell biology, has begun the publication of an eighth title, Cancer Cell.
Complex subjects like the chemistry of the cell wall, host recognition and adherence, the cell biology of the yeast-hyphal transformation, and extracellular hydrolases as virulence factors in C.
The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) is seeking applications to establish a Beta Cell Biology Consortium for the purpose of intensifying investigator-initiated research; attracting new investigators into the field; encouraging interdisciplinary approaches to research in this area; fostering the application of basic research to generate new research tools and approaches for the diagnosis, treatment, and cure of diabetes; and establishing a comprehensive database for the beta cell.
Combining the Company's unmatched knowledge of stem cell biology with Ken's experience in small molecule drug discovery and development across multiple therapeutic areas will accelerate our pursuit of revolutionary medicines.