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counting the number of white and red blood cells and the number of platelets in 1 cubic millimeter of blood

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one2many provides Cell Broadcast technology to telecoms operators across the world.
We are proud that our cell broadcast technology which is already in use worldwide to provide commercial and emergency services can support the FCC's goal of distributing emergency information as quickly as possible to the people who need to receive it.
Cell Broadcast and LTE Broadcast (eMBMS) technology delivers a non-intrusive, real-time service for the distribution of text messages, streaming video, audio and large files to mobile handsets, specific to their current location.
For mobile operators meanwhile, Cell Broadcast represents a unique opportunity to locally optimise the capacity utilisation rate and to launch new revenue-generating services.
Cell Broadcast is a vast improvement on the current siren-based system, which could only alert people to the fact something was happening rather than providing advice on how to react.
one2many, the world's leading Cell Broadcast company, has today announced it has rounded up a successful ETSI organised Small Cell LTE Plugfest in Paris, where one2many contributed to successful interoperability tests to enable Wireless Emergency Alerts on LTE small cells as an extension of existing Cell Broadcast systems.
one2many established in 2007 to drive the revival of cell broadcast, is a management buyout of Acision's (formerly LogicaCMG Telecom Products) cell broadcast product unit, building on over a decade of experience in Cell Broadcast.
DEVENTER, The Netherlands -- one2many, the world's leading Cell Broadcast company, has today announced that it has successfully completed IOT for its LTE interface.
The service is controlled by the Cell Broadcast service, which is a part of the i-Cell solution.
a subsidiary of West Corporation and the leading provider of 9-1-1 technology solutions, today announced an agreement with one2many, the world's leading cell broadcast technology company, to enable Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) messages to wireless service providers in the U.
Additional information about the CMIS beta pilot and cell broadcast technology can be found at the organization's website: www.
By combining cell broadcast technology with relevant subscriber information, services like mLIVE
MCTEL has addressed and found a solution for cell broadcast device & SIM management, supporting operators to maximise revenue from cell Broadcast commercial services"
CellCast also provides its EAGLE Alerts(TM) community messaging system and services to government, law enforcement, education and private corporations who require the ability to deliver messages via SMS text message, voice notification (landline or cell phone), email, or point to multi-point messaging such as cell broadcast (where available).
DEVENTER, Netherlands -- one2many, the world's leading Cell Broadcast company, has announced the opening of two new offices to help sustain its continued growth in North America and Asia.