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Synonyms for celibacy

Synonyms for celibacy

an unmarried status

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abstaining from sexual relations (as because of religious vows)

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Sexual Status Sexually Active and Celibate Homosexual, Bisexual and Heterosexual Males at Interview, and Level of Depression in Past Two Weeks Active * Active * Active * Category homosexual heterosexual bisexual Totals 32/750 544/750 37/750 4.
Higher levels of intolerance predicted greater acceptance of celibate homosexual individuals following the intervention.
Dr Williams said he had been influenced by two academics, one of whom was Jeffrey John, the celibate homosexual whom he later forced not to become Bishop of Reading after an outcry from tradition a lists.
The presentment against Bishop Righter accused him of breaking his ordination vows and teaching false doctrine when he ordained non- celibate homosexual Barry Stopfel as a deacon six years ago.
As reiterated in the report of a General Assembly special committee on sexual orientation in 2003, "a celibate homosexual minister or member of the Order of Diaconal Ministries may still be ordained/designated under the present laws and practice of the Presbyterian Church in Canada," but "on the basis of a precedent derived from an understanding of scriptural authority, a person described as a 'self avowed and practicing homosexual' may be refused ordination.
If, according to Archbishop O'Brien, celibate homosexuals should not be accepted in the seminaries to be priests, what should we do with the many celibate homosexual priests (and bishops) who are now serving the people in an exemplary manner?
He was one of nine bishops who expressed concern about the proposed appointment of Dr Jeffrey John, a celibate homosexual,as Bishop of Reading.