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In conjunction with the Legato Celestra Power agent, the FS1310 Intelligent Storage Router allows critical information to be backed-up without the active involvement of a host server.
Legato Celestra Power, used in conjunction with Legato NetWorker, moves data directly from disk to tape, freeing the LAN and server resources from the heavy burden of backup and restore operations.
Membership in the Celestra Consortium supports our strategy of addressing storage management problems through the incorporation of intelligence in the SAN," said Dick Watts, president and CEO of ConvergeNet.
Legato's Celestra is an open, distributed architecture that optimizes data movement efficiency in SAN environments.
Legato says Celestra can also work with Sun Microsystems Inc's StoreX Java storage management APIs: StoreX still requires the use of a data mover program plus a data manager application to manage the data mover.
The Celestra architecture is a key component in Legato's vision of SANs as the backbone of Information Continuance," said Paul JJ Payack, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Legato Systems, Inc.
By collaborating with other Celestra Consortium members, 3PARdata is able to more efficiently provide powerful, cost-effective SAN solutions to our customers," said Robert Rogers, CEO of 3PARdata.
commented, "as the market moves to SAN technology, we see the combination of ATL's Prism Architecture and Intelliguard's Celestra solution as the first solution to effectively isolate the movement data on the SAN providing customers with what's sure to become a critical factor: serverless backup.
The Celestra product series is currently available; combined Intelliguard and ATL product announcements will be forthcoming.
Running Celestra Power on an HP system brings data movement to a high speed, Fibre Channel-based environment over unimaginable distances," said Don Trimmer, co-founder and fellow of Intelliguard Software.
In addition to the HP demonstration of Celestra technology, Intelliguard will also be showcasing its strategic partnership with Gadzoox(R) Networks, the industry leader in SAN (storage area networking), and Chaparral Technologies, provider of intelligent Fibre Channel storage products and solutions.
The integration of Celestra technology further extends Gadzoox' leadership record of introducing SAN management and LAN-free backup capabilities to the market.
This next generation of Celestra technology, to be introduced over the next 18 months, expands Celestra's backup solution to ultra-high speed data movement and management over Fibre Channel.
So it's exciting to see their new Celestra technology demonstrating features such as the dramatic reduction of server CPU
LAS VEGAS, May 4 /PRNewswire/ -- (Networld+Interop) -- Intelliguard Software, the leader in standards-based network-attached storage management solutions, announces the Celestra Series of fibre-channel-enabled storage management software solutions.