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Synonyms for testimonial

Synonyms for testimonial

a statement attesting to personal qualifications, character, and dependability

a formal token of appreciation and admiration for a person's high achievements

Synonyms for testimonial

something that serves as evidence

something given or done as an expression of esteem


something that recommends (or expresses commendation of) a person or thing as worthy or desirable

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The head of Diabetes and Nutritional Sciences at King's College, London, Professor Tom Sanders, said that he finds sporting celebrity endorsements of unhealthy foods such as sweets and soft drinks reprehensible.
Celebrity endorsements of brands have never gone out of fashion, and probably never will, according to the companies that sponsor them.
Celebrity endorsement for consumer products is widely used in advertising, taking advantage of the public's fascination with celebrities and the belief in a personal connection with them.
Isn't it rather disappointing that our scrupulous hero who has resisted temptation and torture for more than 40 years is to sell out for a very ordinary celebrity endorsement.
A vintage trend can survive for several seasons, and like other fashion trends, grows in popularity after a celebrity endorsement.
Thanks to celebrity endorsement and high-profile TV shows, poker is the game of choice for millions of internet users.
Her image was sometimes displayed alongside partially-nude women, creating the false impression that she 'endorsed or approved of the sexually explicit content' and could 'dilute the value of her celebrity endorsement,' the suit states.
Pennington is the first celebrity endorsement deal--aside from Nascar's Ryan Newman, who drives the company-sponsored car--that Alltel has signed since Faith Hill nearly four years ago.
Anyway, since I didn't have that celebrity endorsement to fall back upon, I resorted to reason.
A lack of perceived expertise or credibility can make a celebrity endorsement less effective (Ohanian, 1991).
which has engaged Paloma Herrera for its print ads, said, "There is a value to celebrity endorsement.
If the celebrity endorsement is particularly integral to your business, consider key man or similar insurance; but make sure you get the celebrity's consent first.
Celebrity endorsement is an effective method of creating value, recognition and credibility for a brand, and celebrities are frequently used in television advertising to induce children to try foods.