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Swedish astronomer who devised the centigrade thermometer (1701-1744)

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9 Celcius, recorded in 1942, while last year, we saw 43.
PURE, which stands for PEDs (plastic encapsulated devices) Used in Rugged Environments, is an association of European equipment makers dedicated to quality and reliability: Thomson-CSF, Ericsson, SAAB Dynamics, Ericsson SAAB Avionics, Bofors Missiles and Celcius Tech.
FORTY degrees Celcius was yesterday recorded in Nicosia as the island baked in above average temperatures for the time of year.
Sailors endure the harshest of conditions with temperatures ranging from - 5 to +50 degrees Celcius, along with extreme wind and sea conditions.
The World Music Awards have been held for the past 14 years in Monte Carlo, where temperatures last night were a balmy 13 degrees Celcius.
Nicky Dodwell has been appointed Commercial Manager, Retail Development, by Celcius First (Tel: 01992 445511), a part of the ProLogis Group.
However, the jockey found time getting away from him on the hour-and- a-half-long trek and, in temperatures of 29 degrees celcius, was forcedto cut across part of the desert to ensure he reached the racetrack intime.
0 V Operating temperature: -40 to +85 degrees Celcius Current consumption: 500 nA/3 V, 800 nA/6 V Package: 8-pin SSOP, 3.
SCC spiked coating in one customer application showed a 5 - 10 degree Celcius higher blister temperature allowing the mill to dry faster and thereby increase output.
Display Reads Celcius And Farenheit (-20 Degrees To 93 Degrees C)
Note:Refrigeration ton represents refrigerating capacity for turning 2000 lb of 0 degree Celcius water into 0 degree Celcius ice in 24 hours.
The temperature has dropped to 14 degrees Celcius in mountainous areas, forcing people to reduce their activities in the open.
The storm was blamed on a sudden drop in temperature in the city, from 32 degrees celcius to just 16 over the course of just a couple of hours.
Maximum temperature was recorded as thirty one degree Celcius in Bahawalpur and Multan at six in the morning.
Temperatures at their base are expected to be around minus 10 degrees celcius, a stark contrast to South Africa where players are set to enjoy sunny and warm conditions.