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Further studies on other cell lines overexpressing P-gp are needed to determine if like sesquiterpenes from Celastraceae and Apiaceae (Barthomeuf et al.
2003), the sesquiterpenes of Celastraceae (Munoz-Martinez et al.
Celastraceae sesquiterpenes as a new class of modulators that bind specifically to human P-glycoprotein and reverse cellular multidrug resistance.
Lund, is a Brazilian Cerrado plant belonging to the Celastraceae family.
Celastraceae Austroplenckia populnea Brazil DLF Hexane ext.
Three-winged fruits are characteristic not only of monocots (Burmanniaceae, Dioscoreaceae, Herreriaceae, Ruscaceae), but also are the standard condition in the analyzed genera of Burseraceae, Celastraceae, Cucurbitaceae, Polygonaceae, Rhamnaceae, Sapindaceae, and occur in some genera of Asteraceae.
Celastraceae have several genera with fin-winged fruits, including Macgregoria and Stackhousia (both formerly placed in Stackhousiaceae), Platypterocarpus, Tripterococcus, Tripterygium, and Wimmeria.
Phylogeny of the Celastraceae inferred from phytochrome B gene sequence and morphology.
Phylogeny of the Celastraceae inferred from 26S nuclear ribosomal DNA, phytochrome B, rbcL, atpB, and morphology.
Celastraceae Lophopyxis (Lophopyxidaceae) Combretaceae Thiloa Commelinaceae Murdania, Anthericopsis (1), Palisota (2) Connaraceae Connarus Corynocarpaceae Corynocarpus Crassulaceae Sempervivum Diapensiaceae All Dioscoreaceae Dioscorea sects.