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deductive reasoning in which a conclusion is derived from two premises

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The first figure asserts four complete deductions: two universal deductions with the affirmative Barbara and the privative Celarent, and two particular deductions with the affirmative Darii and the privative Ferio.
Aristotle applies the same principle to the universal, privative Celarent, whose major premise is about a denied predicate:
Asi pues, segun Orio (187) , todo silogismo practico es de la primera figura y de uno de los modos que en epoca medieval se denominaran bArbArA y cElArEnt, excepto por la singularidad de la premisa menor.
Taken exactly, as Ritter (8: 492) has already pointed out, the syllogisms in barbara, celarent etc.
The axioms are perfect syllogisms such as Barbara and Celarent, while the items proved are the imperfect syllogisms.